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Why our clinic?

We’ve got 8 core values in our company. These are what we live and breath in our business!

If any of these don’t resonate with you, no worries. We get it—our company is not for everyone.

But if they do resonate with you… well you might just be the next team member we recruit to be a part of our medical family.

8 Company Core Values

Do the work.

Achieving greatness requires us to do the work. We believe our team, just like our patients, need to be willing to put forth the effort and invest in their passions to achieve greatness.

Our company operates within integrity, which means we don’t short cut, we do the work.

And while we are friendly with one another, we are also serious, focused and meticulous about the operations of our business. We believe in putting in the work, the time and the extra effort needed to take care of business.

We strive to improve our systems and remain determined to achieve operational excellence. We understand there is always room for improvement, which means that there will always be work to be done. To stay at the cutting edge of health, we must continuously make improvements, innovations and new strategies that will better our company.

Our mistakes are learning opportunities and demand of us to do the work to examine them, understand them and evolve from them.

We strive for excellence and as such, we must never lose our sense of urgency to improve and adapt. We do not settle for the mediocre or accept “good enough.” We aim to exceed our own standards and strive to excel past all industry standards.

Embrace & Create Change.

Our company is growing, expanding and changing… changing all the time.

We plan, prepare and expect constant change. And we embrace it enthusiastically.

We don’t feel change should only be handed down from the top. In fact, we value the input of all team members and appreciate when the people closest to our clients can provide feedback and strategize the best ways to improve efficiency, productivity and the experience for everyone involved.

Adaptation is how humans have survived all these years. We think this is how businesses survive too!

We are constantly evolving, changing and pivoting. And it’s exciting. We are bringing healthcare to a whole new level and doing things that have never been done. And we do it like no one else can because we embrace change as part of our core culture.

Create Fun and Honor Your Self Care

One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is we “walk the talk.”

We believe fun and solid self care rituals is paramount to great health, work satisfaction and enjoying life. We never want to become one of those stuffy corporate companies that are boring, dull and draining to the employees who are a part of it.

We want to be able to laugh often and look for ways to have fun and add humor to our day. So we do things a little unconventional at times and while we don’t get crazy, we do like to shake things up and encourage everyone in the company to explore ways to have more fun and to care for themselves in the way they need.

Our company culture is one of the most vital ingredients to our success. We believe having fun and taking care of your body allows for you to get creative, think outside the box and feel that your job enriches your life.

The service we provide demands that we be present with our clients and that we are able to hold space for them as they express their needs and goals. How can we be present with others if we cannot take the time to be present with ourselves?

All in or all out.

There is no in between.

We give our full attention, heart and commitment to the services we provide. This requires mindfulness, presence and accountability to your teammates, customers and yourself.

We are not an average clinic. Our services are not average. Our team is not average. We are exceptional and it is because of our dedication.

When you go all in, everyone feels it. Yes, we are talking about generating an emotional response that not only elevates the vibration of the company, but gets everyone talking about just how much of a rock star you are!

And we want you to own your rockstar status—that’s right, you gotta go all in on yourself too!

Our clients are among the most dedicated of individuals you will ever meet. We aim to attract clients who resonate with our same core values.

Own the outcomes.

The good, the bad, the ugly… they’ll come and we expect that you own them.

We collaborate and we support each other as a team. We can’t learn, grow and expand if we can’t understand what happened and what could be done differently.

“That’s not my job” doesn’t fly round here. And neither do excuses. But with that said, we believe that no matter what happens, we should always be respectful of everyone. And that we should view the mistakes that do arise as an opportunity to grow, expand and adapt. We expect a sense of urgency to rectify mistakes and to strategize the best ways to overcome and prevent future mistakes of that kind.

We appreciate and value humility, but we also want to celebrate your wins with you! Arrogance has no place, but a full on happy dance sure does!

Owning the outcomes also requires that we are all accountable to one another, the company and the client. Understanding that our actions (or lack thereof) have a direct impact on our company family and the people we serve helps us all recognize just how integral we are to the team and that are actions have value.

Build authentic relationships with honest communication.

We believe trust and faith are built on honesty, openness and authentic interactions.

Building strong, positive relationships with clients, patients, manager, team members and co-workers is vital to the health of a business. It is the strength we build in these relationships that afford us all with the opportunities to grow, change and accomplish greatness.

Fundamentally, we believe acting in integrity, with compassion and friendliness is paramount to building an authentic relationship. Treat your relationships well and be kind.

Honest communication is more than just talking. It is important to listen and to respond appropriately, with attention to how the other people feel. How you make someone feel matters more than the words you use. To establish open and honest communication, the person you are interacting with needs to feel they are heard and cared about.

We welcome a variety of opinions, backgrounds, and thoughts and believe that diversity allows us all to create bigger impacts and generate greater value within the company.

As we continue to grow, these relationships and the authentic communication will become more and more vital to the health of the company and the health of all our team members.

We encourage everyone to go the extra mile with their communication. We find that when we do the work to make sure our message is clear there is far less frustration and dissatisfaction for everyone involved.

We can’t stress enough how incredibly valuable good communication is.

Be Passionate and Persevere.

Passion is soil from which our company sprouted and it continues to nourish us to achieve more.

We embrace and value perseverance, a sense of urgency, determination and true grit.

As a company and individually, we are so passionate about what we bring to this world and the change we create in people’s lives that “I can’t” or “that’ll never work” isn’t even something we understand. We believe in our work and as such, it inspires us… fuels our fire.

We love realistic optimism and think that passion, perseverance and optimism is something we as a company and a team need to exude and spread to customers, clients… and well, the world.

Never Stop Growing & Learning.

We think it’s important that employees grow and learn both professionally and personally.

We believe that within everyone is a great potential, one that isn’t often recognized by the individual themselves. It is important to push your limits and challenge yourself beyond what you think is possible. We want you to feel like you are in environment that allows you to grow and learn, rather than to stagnate.

We want to help you unlock your potential. But you have to be willing to do the work.

We see challenges as opportunity. Failure as valuable data and beneficial experiences. We take on new challenges… heck, we create new challenges because we are growing, innovating and improving at every step.

We do “big, scary things” and it can feel difficult, stressful and confusing at times. And sometimes it seems that we can’t get solutions out fast enough to meet the new challenges and problems we are facing. This means we are growing and we see this as an opportunity to get smarter, faster and stronger.

Each problem is just a milestone on our road to exceptional service. Others who want to emulate us will have to go through the same learning, the same problems and our facing these today means we just had the opportunity to adapt sooner.

No matter how much bigger, smarter or streamlined we get—there will always be hard work on the road ahead. We’ll never be “done.” We’ll never have it “just right.” And we’ll never be done pushing our limits as a company.

This is the essence of growth.

Without the hard work we couldn’t have made any of this possible. Yes, it’s hard, but we believe we are able to do what we do and do it better than anyone else in the market because we aren’t afraid to lean into the difficult stuff and do the work needed to meet our goals.

We won’t lie, sugar coat it or even deny that it’s scary. And sometimes it will seem like we aren’t quite sure what we’re doing. We might not. (Except for the medicine part. That stuff we got).

But take comfort that no one else knows how to do what we’re doing because no one is doing what we as a company are doing—at least not in the way that we do it. And that’s the exciting stuff!

We are breaking ground, experimenting and changing the way medicine is done. This requires testing hypotheses, experimentation, trial and error, and not being afraid to do something bold, new or scary.

We depend on our employees ability to adapt, to learn, to figure things out for themselves and then communicate all their thoughts to the team. This is how we grow. This is how you grow. And this is how we all learn.

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