"We don't heal women, we teach them to heal themselves."

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Founder of Rubus Health

Navigating your own health is like reading a book that is too close to your face. You know all the answers are right there, but it’s just way too close to make out the words.

That's where we come in...

We stand back at the right distance to clearly read those words back to you. We take your entire story, along with your labs and paint a clear picture of how you got to where you are, what to do to fix it, and what’s coming down the pipeline if we don’t act now.

But make no mistake, while we are guiding you and giving you direction, it is YOU who takes the step. It is you who does the work.

So in our my mind— we don’t heal people. They heal themselves.

And if we’ve done our job right, then you'll be feeling better and have a much better idea of what your body's unique needs are and how to meet them.

Our job is to teach you how to care for your body so well that you know exactly what to do when things get off a little off balance. And for when things get really out of balance...We Are Here.

If you’re suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance, post-birth control syndrome, SIBO, PMS, hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction, or have seen everyone and tried everything, our team can offer you hope on your healing journey.

At Rubus Health, our practitioners successfully use naturopathic and functional medicine to work with women suffering from a range of issues like hypothyroidism, Post-Birth Control Syndrome, autoimmune disease, PCOS, hair loss, fatigue, infertility, digestive disorders and depression... to name a few.

We use the most innovative strategies and guide you in creating the most comprehensive plan anchored in diet, lifestyle and natural therapies to get you quick relief and create long lasting health.

Dr. Brighten is the first doctor to create a comprehensive protocol to address post-birth control syndrome (PBCS) and the long term side effects and consequences associated with the use of hormone contraceptives.

She is a world renowned expert on the topic of hormonal birth control. Dr. Brighten is dedicated in helping women have a true informed consent and supporting them—whatever their decision is. She has trained her clinicians in her protocols and to embody the principles of respecting every woman's choice and supporting them where they are at. 

As the only clinicians trained in Dr. Brighten's innovative protocols aimed at addressing hormonal birth control related issues, we are ready to support you in your healing journey. Please note that working with our coaches does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship, nor does it replace the need to maintain a relationship with your primary care physician.

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive Women's Hormone Plan

    Our comprehensive women’s hormone plan educates you on the best diet, lifestyle, and supplements for your hormone needs.

  • Actionable Follow-Ups

    Keeping you on track for your health goals is what we do best! Meet with your health practitioner to fine tune your health needs.

  • Holistic Nutrition Support

    As a member of the Rubus Health Community you’ll receive access to our group classes and resources to help you optimize your diet.

  • Virtual Consults

    We get it — fitting your self care into a day can be challenging. That’s why we offer video and phone consults.

  • Next Level Health

    Want to next level your health? As part of our program you’ll get access to videos, handouts, and next level knowledge to help you ditch your unwanted symptoms.

  • Smart Supplement Program

    Feel confused by supplements? Let us help! We’ll help you learn about which supplements are most beneficial for hormones.

How to Work with Rubus Health

Step One: Review the information on this page, as it will give you a sense of how you'll be working with Rubus Health. 

Step Two: Apply to work with a Women's Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach using this link.

Step Three:  Meet with our Women's Health Coaches and get started on your path towards amazing health! 

Read what clients have to say about our care.

Definitely not your average approach to women's health…

Dr. Jolene BrightenIn my clinic, we do things differently than your average doctor or naturopath.

Hi I'm Dr. Jolene Brighten!

I have a unique philosophy and approach to women's medicine, which is why my patients get better...and stay better!

Each of my coaches and clinicians are trained in The Brighten Protocol™, my root cause approach that optimizes hormones and women's health. We are proud to be among the leading experts in Post-Birth Control Syndrome and supporting women experiencing side effects associated with hormonal contraceptives. 

We don't just believe you have the power to heal your body...

We know it! 

We have helped so many women increase their moods, libidos, energy and restore healthy thyroid and adrenal function. My practitioners won't just help you feel better—they'll teach you how to identify the and address the root cause of your concerns!

Curious if our clinic is right for you?

We invite to schedule a 50 minute Strategy Call to learn about how we may be able to help.

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What Does It Look Like to Get Started?

Prior to your appointment you'll complete in-depth intake forms which your practitioner will spend time reviewing. 

In your first consult you'll meet via webcam or phone to explore the details of your case. During this time we'll take a deep dive into your story to understand where we can help you make the most effective changes. 

During this time your practitioner will get to know you, your goals, and your health needs. Based on your concerns and the findings of the visit, your women's health coach will discuss with you the first steps needed to reach your health goals. 

Dr. Amy Eady Naturopathic Assistant

Dr. Jolene Brighten & Dr. Amy Eady at the weekly case reviews.

After your visit, your provider with put together a wellness plan that will include nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement information to set a strong foundation of health. We believe in getting you better fast, which is why we do not delay in recommending the most actionable changes with big benefits.

Your comprehensive women's wellness plan may include:

  • Easy to implement dietary recommendations to begin immediately
  • A long-term dietary plan to help you to heal
  • Holistic lifestyle tools
  • Targeted herbal and dietary supplements
  • Mind-Body and stress reduction techniques to meet your individual needs

Here's what some of our client's have to say about their experiences working with us:.

“I finally have a clear path to health. I struggled for years with doctors who couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I am just so excited to know what is going on and how to heal. This is the first time I’ve felt really happy and excited about my health!” ~Gen L.

"Carli made it so clear why I'd been struggling with my energy. I took what we discussed and in 2 week my energy was incredible! I haven't felt like this in years!" ~Pamela B.

"After years of experiencing PMS, anxiety and terrible stomach aches, I finally have relief after only a couple of visits with Dr. Brighten. I am no longer feeling anxious and I can finally spend my weekends out with my friends, instead of home with a stomach ache." ~Alice L. 

"My energy is the best it has ever been thanks to Dr. Amy! I found working with her to be really enjoyable and I always looked forward to our visits. Thank you Dr. Amy!" ~Joy F.

"Since working with Rubus Health I am feeling much more calm and in control of my days. She provided me really helpful recommendations that allowed me to recover my health. I am so grateful to her for her guidance and support. I my mood and energy are at their best!" ~Karen S. 

Functional Medicine Naturopath

Erica Favela, Dr. Anjali Kasunich, Dr. Jolene Brighten, Dr. Amy Eady

"Erica made it possible for me to survive SIBO. Without her plan and encouragement I don't think I would have been able to feel good about my food choices throughout the therapy. She is a really great ally to improve your health!" ~ Alicia P. 

"Working with Dr. Brighten has helped me get my energy back and I’ve been able to lower my thyroid medication. I had been on thyroid hormones for many years and never really felt much better. She gave me a new prescription and helped me resolve a lot of the issues that were causing my hypothyroidism." ~Jackie K.

"Thank you Dr. Amy for giving me back my energy & my digestive health!" ~Kelly C.

"Dr. Brighten helped me relieve the terrible gas and bloating I had following the birth of my second child. She suspected SIBO and it turns out she was right! After years of working with nutritionists and medical doctors I finally had an answer and within one week of starting treatment all of the bloating was resolved. I can now play with my children and no longer have to worry if the food I eat will make me sick. Dr. Brighten gave me back my life and I am so grateful!" ~Krista R.

"Everyone has always been so kind and understanding. I feel like they really listen." ~Britney M. 

"Erica is a delight to work with! She seriously gets it when it comes to wanting to eat great food with little time. I'm thankful I've had her support." ~Grace L. 

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