Interested in working with Dr. Brighten as a patient?

Dr. Brighten is currently accepting applications to work with her in-person at her Portland, OR based clinic!

Dr. Brighten and her team have created programs & protocols for addressing the foundations of women's health. In order to be considered for Dr. Brighten's practice please first complete one of Dr. Brighten's online programs or work with our women's health educators.

Schedule a 50 Minute Strategy Call with a Brighten Protocolâ„¢ Health Coach

My coaches are trained to identify the root cause of hormone imbalances and offer solutions to get you closer to your health goals right away.

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Post Birth Control Hormone Reset

Discover how to get off birth control, kick your unwanted hormone symptoms, and make friends with your period all in 5 weeks! This program was designed to support women who are ON or OFF birth control.

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Dr. Brighten's 21 Day Hormone Reset

Elevate your energy, mood, and banish unwanted PMS symptoms naturally with a food based approach in Dr. Brighten's Hormone Revolution 21 Day Detox. This is a great starter course if you are looking to optimize hormone health.

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